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Acquire the best.
Improve your chances.

Artificial Interviewer provides an automated end-to-end solution for technical video interviews.

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

Whether you're a tech company looking to improve your interview process and hire the best or you're a candidate wanting to see where you stand against other applicants, we got you covered.
We use AI to score candidates' performance without bias. For candidates looking to practice, we use AI to show your likelihood of getting hired at the top tech companies.


What We Offer


Video Interviews

End-to-end video interviews conducted and scored by AI. For canidates, level up your interviewing skills with AI mock interviews.


Timed Coding Challenges

Add technical challenges to your interview process or practice and see how you compare to other canidates.


Admin Portal

Get a comprehensive breakdown of canidates' performance. Select the candidate with the best stats without bias.

Ready to get hired or hire the best?

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